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Innovative RO Water and Energy Conservation System developed

Aligarh: A scientist at the Aligarh Muslim University has developed an innovative RO water and energy conservation system that could save millions of litres of precious water.

Dr Anis Ahemad Ansari of the Mechanical Engineering Section at AMU Polytechnic has been awarded a patent by the Government of India's Patent Office for his groundbreaking innovation, “A system for water and energy conservation in a Reverse Osmosis based water purifier.”

Dr Ansari highlighted that traditional reverse osmosis water purifiers used in homes and offices waste a significant amount of clean, non-potable water by continuously draining it. This wastage exacerbates the global water crisis.

His patented invention introduces a system that conserves water and energy by collecting the clean, non-potable water produced during the RO process. This water is then stored in a tank, utilizing hydraulic pressure, and discharged through a flow control valve as needed.

"This clean, non-potable water can be repurposed for various uses such as hand washing, utensil washing, floor cleaning, plant irrigation, room cooling, toilet flushing, construction, vehicle washing, and firefighting," explained Dr Ansari. "Additionally, this system saves the electrical energy typically required to pump extra groundwater for these activities."

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