Workshop held on ‘Healing from Within’

Aligarh: The Students’ Counselling Centre of Aligarh Muslim University organized a workshop on "Healing from Within: Trauma and Grief Management", drawing attention to critical aspects of mental health.

With a focus on addressing trauma and grief, the workshop sought to foster awareness and understanding among the participating students and faculty members regarding mental well-being.

Welcoming the participants, Dr S Reshma Jamal, Coordinator of the Students’ Counselling Centre, discussed the theme of the event and introduced the resource person, Prof. Deepika Chamoli Shahi, Director of Speakingcube, a telepsychology portal.

Prof. Shahi, an expert in cognitive and child psychology, delved into the intricate aspects of trauma and its multifaceted impact on individuals. She shed light on the importance of recognizing different types of traumas, including childhood traumas and their potential long-term effects on one's psychological well-being. Drawing upon her extensive expertise, she emphasized the significance of acknowledging and processing grief, highlighting the transformative power of emotional healing.

Prof. Shahi underscored the significance of self-compassion and self-care in the journey of healing from trauma, emphasizing the need for individuals to cultivate resilience and inner strength. She emphasized the need for effective grief management encompassing practical strategies to navigate the complex emotional terrain, highlighting the significance of seeking support from family, peers and friends in a situation of emotional strife.

She also engaged the participants in practical exercises helping them learn various relaxation techniques, including breathing exercises and emotional regulation. The workshop witnessed an enthusiastic participation of 80 attendees. Dr Sara Javed extended a vote of thanks.

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