India, an emerging hub for scientific innovation and talent

India is already recognized globally for its premier engineering and technology institutes. The young talents at IITs and IISc have come up with some brilliant ideas that will convince everyone that our country is one powerhouse of talent.

Here are some of the best mind-blowing ideas and inventions made available by the young generation to the country and the world at an affordable rate.


Students of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras have invented an e-scooter, the battery of which charges within an hour. It can easily go on for 50 thousand kilometres with its battery pack.


IIT Bombay students invented NETRA. It is an autonomous hovering drone that helps the Indian army with rescue operations during emergencies.

Rooftop solar panels

IIT Palakkad invented a purely mechanical method to rotate rooftop solar panels to follow the sun like a sunflower without the need for any motors or battery. This device is based on a mechanical clock; an ancient technology proven to be inexpensive and reliable.

A vacuum storage device for farmer’s carts

IIT Kharagpur invented a vacuum storage device for farmers. It is a method and mechanism to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, without refrigeration.

Non-invasive Heart Condition Detector

Invented by the students of IISc, this device simply needs to be wrapped around a person’s chest, while the sensors detect cardiac activities, measure blood pressure, count blood glucose levels, and monitor respiration.


IIT Guwahati invented a smartwatch that monitors dehydration. If symptoms are detected, warns users to drink some water.

Alcohol-sensing helmet

IIT, BHU students have made an innovative alcohol-sensing helmet that would not let you start a bike if you are drunk. This helmet was among the top-5 short-listed projects at the Ericsson Innovation Awards held at IIT Delhi recently.

Sanitary pad washing machine

IIT Bombay invented a device to clean reusable sanitary pads just like the small washing machine.

Also, Biomass-based biogas plants developed at IISc have helped in addressing energy shortage in rural areas. More than 35 large and 200 small bioreactors are in operation using diverse biomass sources, which helps in recycling too.

A low-cost, low-power soil moisture sensor powered by a solar cell array also has been developed at IISc. The sensor can test different kinds of soil and accurately measure moisture content up to 30 per cent, which is above the saturation limit for most soils.

Another landmark innovation is a device invented by IIT Madras to monitor glucose level and ensure a proper dose of insulin for diabetics. It is an automatic machine that can administer the correct dosage of insulin based on the glucose level in the body.

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