‘Most Popular Dream Jobs’ across the world in 2024 revealed

Career experts uncover the world’s top dream jobs including each country’s ideal role. Global career and resume experts Jobseeker used search engine data to show the most popular dream jobs around the world. From aspiring writers, influencers, and YouTubers to teachers, lawyers, and pilots, the whole world has an idea about their dream job.

A pilot is the most popular dream job overall, with “how to become a pilot” searched 50,000 times as of January 2024 – this high-flying career is #1 in 55 countries.

Bucking the trend, modeling is the top dream job across Europe – it tops the list in 25 European countries including France, Italy, Sweden, and Germany.

Other popular dream jobs around the world include influencer, teacher, lawyer, doctor, YouTuber, photographer, and writer – it appears aspirations vary greatly between traditional careers and modern roles evolving from the internet.

“While the prospect of becoming a pilot is a strong theme across the study, the sheer variety of career paths on show indicates there is no one-size-fits-all approach to career satisfaction and fulfillment. Each country around the world has a unique viewpoint on what a dream career means. Surveys consider a myriad of factors, contemplating their passions, interests, values, and motivations alongside their skills and personalities to find a path that’s right for them. To secure their dream job, job seekers should learn everything they can about the role, understand the pathway to get there, and start building a professional network. It’s important job seekers refine their skill set for their chosen career path, showcasing this in their CVs and applications to get a foot in the door,” according to Jobseeker's press release.

Many job seekers have sky-high ambitions. The most searched-for dream job around the globe is a pilot, topping the list in 55 countries including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. Meanwhile, flight attendant comes third, ranking top in 23 countries with the United States, Canada, and Mexico among them. The popularity trend for roles like pilot and flight attendant proves an ambition to travel sits at the heart of many people’s dream careers.

Meanwhile, 45 countries indicated becoming a model as their dream job, making it the runner-up in this study. Europe was a key driver for this trend, with the continent’s notoriety as a fashion powerhouse likely influencing local people. The likes of Italy, France, and Denmark chose modeling as their dream profession. Perhaps this isn’t too surprising with Paris, Milan, and Copenhagen Fashion Weeks being among the most notable fashion events in the world!

A broad spectrum of possibilities is reflected across the globe, showcasing a variety of different aspirations as the likes of teachers, lawyers, doctors, and even detectives appear in the study. Modern professions such as YouTubers and influencers also proved popular, suggesting new online pathways are widening career prospects and speaking to a new generation of career hunters.

Top 10 dream jobs by global search volume

1. Pilot - 50,000

2. Flight attendant - 29,000

3. Model - 25,000

4. Psychologist - 17,000

5. Influencer - 17,000

6. Doctor - 15,000

7. Teacher - 14,000

8. Lawyer - 14,000

9. Firefighter - 14,000

10. Entrepreneur - 13,000

The top 10 dream jobs are reflective of the global search volume for the term “how to become X” revealing the most popular dream jobs across the world. Traditional careers like pilot, doctor, and teacher are prominent in the data but sit alongside modern jobs such as an influencer. How will this table look as dream jobs continue to evolve in the future?

Jobseeker analyzed the average salary for the top 10 dream job positions using the United Kingdom and the United States as samples. Average salaries were pulled to see whether the values, skillset, opportunities and experience a dream job provides outpaces a requirement for financial gain. The most well-paid dream jobs in the top 10 are doctor, lawyer, pilot in the US, and doctor, lawyer, and entrepreneur in the UK – perhaps salary does play a key role in what we consider to be a dream job, but it’s not a complete match.

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